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About Sahasra

Quality at its best


The inception of Sahasra Foods was grounded in the singular thought - food should be made healthier, an institutional need that the quality of what forms the base of our sustenance cannot be compromised on. Accompanying this, a knowledge of the possibilities of what science and technology can do today empowers us to take the leap and turn these possibilities into reality. It ignites us to pursue a cause that, very literally, fuels our life.

Our food is meticulously made with a clean-room concept enabling us to ensure that every product of Sahasra Foods is safe, hygienic and packed with all the natural nutrients & goodness allowing for a guilt-free indulgence.

At Sahasra Foods, every pinch and every bite that we make has undergone an optimized process that not only packs in a rich traditional taste but also enhances it with purity and safety. At every step of the way, we are finding and building paths that are not only efficient but also the most nutritious, because we at Sahasra Foods are dedicated to delivering you.